Quick Facts:

  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
  • Patented adaptive behavioural learning algorithms, as well as predictive modelling capabilities
  • Integrates with and augments existing L0/L1 trackers and correlators
  • Optimizes situational awareness

Larus Total::Insight™ is the first predictive analytics multi-sensor, multi-source, decision support system (DSS) for Defense Contractors developing mission-critical C4ISR systems and Security systems.

Using computational intelligence, advanced learning techniques, prediction and high level assessment capabilities, Total::Insight combines and analyzes the information from a variety of sources including passive and active sensors, existing L0/L1 trackers and correlators, as well as from a multitude of other data sources (i.e. weather reports, operator reports, web pages). This allows Total::Insight to sift through vast amounts of data, capture complex relations which result in the learning and the real-time recognition of patterns, events and anomalies in order to always produce the most accurate information possible and to continually optimize situational awareness for decision makers.

Packaged as licensable software components for Defense Contractors, the modular design of Total::Insight uses a service oriented architecture (SOA). This architecture allows for a seamless integration with existing field-deployed systems or in the case of new development projects, Total::Insight provides a flexible and scalable foundation for your next-generation high-level information fusion (HLIF) system for air, land and maritime applications.

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Quick Facts:

  • For your customers, Total::Insight enables you to optimize their situational awareness to more accurately assess intent and potential threat levels – faster
  • For your business, Total::Insight offers competitive advantage in terms of next-generation features available today, accelerated time to market and reduced product development costs

Today’s Defense and Security forces are faced with the challenge of disseminating unprecedented amounts of data as quickly and accurately as possible. With threats to sovereign nations coming from the air, land and sea, it is of critical importance to look beyond what is available today and focus on innovative technologies that are optimized to take big data and instantly transform it into highly accurate, actionable intelligence for decision makers.

Larus Total::Insight™ is the first predictive analytics multi-sensor, multi-source, decision support system (DSS) for original equipment manufacturers (Defense Contractors and System Integrators) developing mission-critical C4ISR systems and Security systems.

Unique learning algorithms allows Total::Insight to process vast amounts of critical information combined with knowledge acquired from your specific systems. This unique architecture continually delivers the most accurate information possible in order to constantly optimize the decision maker’s situational awareness. Total::Insight also has unprecedented prediction capabilities which can determine the next location of tracked objects in order to assess intent and potential threat levels, providing decision makers with invaluable additional response times when making mission-critical decisions.

With a standards-based, modular architecture and packaged specifically as licensable software components, Total::Insight can be easily integrated into existing systems. Or, in the case of brand new designs, Defense Contractors can license Total::Insight in order to dramatically reduce the development time and cost involved in developing their next-generation C4ISR and Security systems.

Whether you require Larus to provide additional functionality within Total::Insight, including new interfaces and additional high-level information fusion capabilities, or if you require integration with some of your existing algorithms and decision support systems, as part of our professional services portfolio, we offer software engineering services to help get your C4ISR and Security systems to market on time and on budget.

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Quick Facts:

  • JDL High Level (2-3-4) Information Fusion Engine
  • Patented adaptive behavioural learning algorithms
  • Predictive modelling systems
  • Supports a variety of hard and soft data sources
  • Easily extensible to support additional data sources
  • Integrates with and augments existing L0/L1 trackers
  • Supports multiple thousands of tracks at once
  • Subscription channels for dissemination of tracks and events
  • API for integrating with any decision support system
  • Network enabled, can scale to thousands of nodes
  • Portable code base, based on standard ANSI C++

Larus Total::Insight™ is a predictive analytics multi-sensor, multi-source decision support system (DSS) which delivers patented adaptive behavioural learning as well as predictive modelling capabilities. It is architected as a collection of licensable cooperating modules for use in C4ISR systems and Security systems designed by original equipment manufacturers (Defense Contractors and System Integrators). Total::Insight can be deployed in standalone or networked configurations. It supports a variety of hard and soft data sources and can easily be extended to support additional data input sources as required. Based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) Total::Insight also enables seamless interoperability with other systems.

System configuration is done through an intuitive GUI, allowing for point and click access to the select data input sources, high-level information fusion algorithms and the Total::Insight output destination (command and control system as well as local or distributed storage locations).

Total::Insight is divided into three main components which are responsible for:

  • Inputs from data sources as well as data formats,
  • High-level information fusion algorithms, and
  • Output management to a decision support system or persistent storage, depending on the usage scenario.

Total::Insight supported data sources

  • Automatic Identification System (AIS)
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Electro-optical (EO)
  • Infrared (IR)
  • L0/L1 Trackers (Custom developed or COTS)
  • Intelligence Reports
  • Weather Reports
  • Operator Reports
  • Web Pages

Supported data formats

  • NMEA 0183
  • Link 11
  • Link 16
  • Link 22
  • OTH-Gold
  • STANAG 4607 (GMTI-F)
  • STANAG 4676 (NATO ISR tracking standard)

Total::Insight high-level information fusion capabilities

The US Department of Defense first proposed the JDL Model (Joint Director of Labs) to help standardize the terms and specific information fusion levels amongst the research, engineering and user communities (see figure 1). Total::Insight operates from the higher JDL Levels (2-3-4).

Figure 1. US Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Director of Laboratories Data Fusion Model

Currently supported JDL Level 2 (situation assessment)  capabilities

  • Classification: A process by which a previously unseen object is determined to belong to a specific category
  • Trajectory prediction: A process by which future positions (i.e. states) and motions (i.e. trajectories) of an object are estimated
  • Contact anomaly detection: A process by which patterns are detected in a given contact that do not conform to a pre-defined typical behavior (e.g. outliers)
  • Track anomaly detection: A process by which patterns are detected in a given track that exhibit a deviation from the norm and require further investigation
  • Anomaly assessment: A process by which patterns of anomalies are characterized within a given data set and require further investigation
  • Intent assessment: A process by which object behaviors are characterized based on their purpose of action
  • Threat assessment: A process by which object behaviors are characterized based on the object’s capability, opportunity and intent

Currently supported JDL Level 3 (impact assessment) capabilities

  • Course of action recommendation: The provision of at least one near-optimal plan that accomplishes a particular mission
  • Response assessment: A process by which the planned or estimated response’s effect upon the environment is estimated and/or evaluated
  • Situational learning: A process by which learning is accomplished to adaptively shape future responses to already seen situations based on human feedback

Currently supported JDL Level 4 (process refinement) capabilities

  • Resource management: A process by which resources (e.g. assets) are monitored and tracked in order to optimize resource allocation in support of mission objectives
  • Procedural learning: A process by which learning is accomplished through the minimization of the error between predicted and actual events

Total::Insight Output Management API

Total::Insight provides a well-defined API for interfacing with your COTS or custom command and control system. Services include sending events and alerts to your decision support system and associated databases, recording and logging track IDs, events, and classification records. All of the output can be processed and displayed locally or transmitted over a network to optimize overall situational awareness.

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Processing extremely large amounts of hard and soft data streams quickly in order to provide the most accurate and timely information to decision makers is the ultimate goal of next generation Defense and Security Systems. It is imperative that these systems, in charge of protecting lives and assets, be developed using the very latest commercially available information fusion building blocks. Larus Total::Insight™, predictive analytics decision support system (DSS) is ideally suited to deliver much needed high JDL level fusion capabilities such as classification, intent assessment, threat assessment, anomaly detection, trajectory prediction, behavioral learning and more to defense contractors building these complex systems for the C4ISR markets and Security markets.Example applications of where Total::Insight™ can be used as the embedded DSS inside your systems include:

C4ISR markets

  • C4ISR
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Unmanned air, ground and underwater vehicles
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Mission Support Systems
  • Mission-Critical Systems
  • Exploitation Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Integrated Defense Systems
  • Battlefield Management Systems
  • And more

Security markets

  • Port Security
  • Urban Security
  • Territorial Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Border Security
  • First Responder Network Operations Systems
  • Large Event Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Energy Distribution Security
  • And more

If you are a defense contractor, Total::Insight™ and our professional services enable you to deploy scalable, network enabled information fusion systems with unsurpassed competitive capabilities, while meeting the cost and schedule constraints of your development project.

When you are ready, please contact Larus Technologies for more detailed technical information.

Client Testimonials

“Larus, working with DRDC Ottawa, successfully integrated their Total::Insight™ Optimizer into the Virtual ISR Evaluation Environment (VIEE) helping to provide more effective mission planning for ISR decision makers.”

Dr. Rahim Jassemi, ISR Concepts and Integration

“The Defence Industrial Research (DIR) project on high-level information fusion that Larus Technologies undertook with the DRDC – Ottawa Research Centre, will result in more effective maritime surveillance by providing improved vessel behaviour analysis, situational prediction, and anomaly detection performance while enhancing situational awareness for both domestic and deployed operations. The resulting tools will reduce the analysis burden on the human operator by providing automated and dynamic awareness of the maritime domain.”

Dr. Paris W. Vachon, Scientific Authority of DIR-031

“Total::Insight has immense potential to aide in making sense of the vast amounts of information facing those responsible for Maritime Domain Awareness.”

LCdr Chad Kabatoff, DND Sponsor of DIR-031

“Raytheon Canada selected Larus’ Total::Insight offering as the decision-support system, for Raytheon’s Virtual Patrol Vessel (VPV) demonstration system, because of its unique adaptive behavioural learning and predictive modelling capabilities. System integration followed by on land testing has been successfully completed and sea trials are planned for later on this summer.”

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Ponsford, Engineering Fellow & Site Technical Director, Raytheon Canada Limited

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