IEEE Computer Society recognizes Dr. Rami Abielmona (Larus VP Research and Engineering) as an authority in his field through its Distinguished Visitors Program (DVP)

Larus Technologies is proud to announce and support Dr. Rami Abielmona’s appointment as an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor which is a prestigious and well-deserved recognition for his Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) expertise and Larus’ continuing leadership in AI/ML innovation-based ecosystems.

The Distinguished Visitor title is a lifetime

e honour even after the three-year appointment term (2021-2023) ends.
Dr. Rami Abielmona will be available to present at IEEE Chapter events worldwide and share his knowledge and experience to both IEEE Computer Society professional and student chapters along his main research interests which include AI/ML, Big Data, Reconfigurable Computing and Decision Support Systems.

Dr. Abielmona’s Current Distinguished Lectures include:

  • All-Domain Awareness According to AI/ML-Driven Big Data Analytics
  • 5 Questions Every Decision Maker Should Ask (and answer with the help of AI/ML).
  • Distilling AI: The Hitchhiker’s Guide

For further information:

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