Total Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime domain awareness deals with the situational understanding of maritime activities that could impact the security, safety, economy or environment. It enables quick threat identification, informed decision making, effective action support, knowledge sharing and more accurate situational awareness. Persistent surveillance involves multiple systems corroborating in order to detect, classify, identify, track and assess situations within an area of interest. In this white paper, we concentrate on the challenges presented in applying the concepts of information fusion to the problem of maritime domain awareness, and how we plan to resolve them. We first introduce the conventional techniques and their drawbacks, discuss the contemporary data ecosystem and briefly present a potential solution which learns to closely match the dynamic internal structures present in the data. This solution, developed and patented by Larus Technologies, performs behavior analysis through predictive modeling, is capable of dealing with heterogeneous (i.e. multi-source, multi-sensor) data, is mostly automated yet human-centric and resolves the challenges presented by maritime domain awareness.

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