Royal Canadian Navy has chosen PAE’s Quantitative Analytics solution, powered by Larus Technologies Total::Insight™

Big Data and predictive analytics to optimize Canada’s maritime situational awareness

OTTAWA, May 01, 2017 – Larus Technologies (“Larus”), a recognized leader in computational intelligence and predictive analytics software, and PAE, a leading government software and services provider, have announced the Royal Canadian Navy (“RCN”), has chosen PAE’s Quantitative Analytics solution – powered by Larus Total::Insight™, as a potential solution to enhance its maritime intelligence capability.  It is currently undergoing integration, testing, and evaluation.

To support naval operations, the RCN is committed to enhancing their infrastructure to generate a comprehensive Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP), the PAE-Larus solution is the most advanced software to meet current and future analytical requirements. It looks at the underlying trends in the data to not only flag situations as they occur, but it allows for prediction and planning for situations that are about to occur.

Under the procurement, PAE will also provide services and training for its Quantitative Analytics solution based on the Larus Total::Insight Decision Support System™.  Total::Insight™ uses patented computational intelligence, adaptive behavioral learning, and predictive modelling to transform vast amounts of data being generated in real time from various sources into actionable intelligence.  Data is collected from various assets and information sources, including satellite, radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), weather reports, and marine vessel information systems.  “Analysts forecast significant growth in the global maritime information market and the PAE-Larus solution provides relevant and actionable information critical to security, safety, the economy of the maritime market” said Henry Tang, Canada Account Manager for PAE Risk Management Software Solutions.

Through its machine learning capabilities, the system will rapidly learn and recognize patterns of life, events, and anomalies to continually optimize situational awareness for decision makers.  The solution will automatically detect and identify vessels headed for distress and will generate an optimal mission plan based on available search-and-rescue (SAR) assets. The PAE – Larus solution integrates seamlessly into existing RCN control systems and provides a necessary strategic edge to enhance the maritime situational awareness – supporting the RCN in littoral operations to guard against marine interdiction, illegal trafficking, pollution, overfishing, and threats.

“There is an overwhelming amount of data being generated and collected by maritime assets,” said George Di Nardo, President of Larus. “Our solution sifts through large collections of current and historical data, captures complex relationships at machine speed, and predicts future behavior to yield insights that may ordinarily be left undiscovered.  The combination of data mining and fusion alleviates the strain on human operators by reducing the influx of information to a manageable level. PAE’s Quantitative Analytics solution, powered by Larus Technologies Total::Insight™ will provide the RCN with the necessary strategic and operation edge it needs to meet the demands of an ever-evolving complex global maritime domain.”

About PAE

PAE is a leading provider of enduring support for the essential missions of the U.S. government, its allied partners and international organizations. With over 60 years of experience, PAE supports the execution of complex and critical missions by providing global logistics and stability operations, technical services and national security solutions to customers around the world. PAE has a workforce of approximately 15,000 people in over 60 countries on all seven continents and is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

About Larus

Larus Technologies Corporation is a recognized leader in computational intelligence and predictive analytics. Larus Total::Insight™ is a patented data integration platform for analyzing vast amounts analyzing amounts of data from disparate sources using machine learning to generate actionable intelligence for mission critical defense and security applications. By providing operators complete situational knowledge and understanding, Larus enables better decisions and more precise actions. For more information, visit

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