Larus Technologies announces availability of Larus Total::Insight™ high level information fusion engine (HLIFE)

OTTAWA, ON, May 22, 2013 — Larus Technologies Corporation, an innovator of next-generation high-level information fusion technology for developers of mission critical C4ISR systems and security systems, announces the general availability of Larus Total::Insight™, a multi-sensor, multi-source high-level information fusion engine (HLIFE). Total::Insight revolutionizes Defense Contractors’ and System Integrators’ use of computational intelligence to deliver optimal situational awareness to the decision makers tasked with protecting lives and critical assets in operational theaters.

Total::Insight is a commercially available software analytics engine for C4ISR and Security systems. Working from the higher levels of the US Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Director of Laboratories (JDL) information fusion model, Total::Insight uses advanced patented technology to continually learn environments and constantly improve the intelligence for optimal decision making.

Total::Insight technology overview:

  • Commercially available JDL Level 2-3-4 HLIFE
  • Patented adaptive behavioral learning algorithms
  • Predictive modeling algorithms
  • Subset of capabilities includes automated anomaly detection, threat assessment, trajectory prediction, response assessment, situational and procedural learning
  • Supports a variety of structured  and unstructured  data sources
  • Easily extensible to support additional data sources
  • Easily interfaces with existing L0/L1 trackers and correlators
  • Supports multiple tracks at once
  • Subscription channels for dissemination of tracks, events and anomalies
  • API for integrating with your existing Command and Control system
  • Network-enabled and distributed, scales to thousands of nodes

“In order to optimize situational awareness for decision makers in theater, ISR systems must be able to handle massive amounts of structured and unstructured data while rapidly and accurately detecting anomalous behaviour within specific areas and periods of interest,” says Dr. Rami Abielmona, VP of Research and Engineering, Larus Technologies. “Total::Insight enables this. The licensable software components easily integrate with existing fusion architectures to provide a flexible and scalable foundation for next-generation air, land and maritime C4ISR and Security applications.”

See a demo of Total::Insight at Larus Booth #1908 at CANSEC 2013, May 29-30 at the Ernst & Young Centre. Download the Total Maritime Domain Awareness white paper at Contact Larus for pricing and packaging options.

About Larus Technologies
Larus Technologies Corporation is an innovator of next-generation computational intelligence technology for developers of mission-critical C4ISR and Security systems. With a solid foundation pioneering high-level information fusion for the ever-changing defense and security industries, Larus is perfectly positioned to help Defense Contractors and System Integrators make a world of difference. Our technology not only delivers more knowledge, its adaptive learning algorithms deliver more accurate and more predictive informationfaster. With our technology under the hood, your customers will make better decisions and more precise interventions. Visit

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