Larus Technologies Annouces Teaming Agreement with GreenLine Systems

OTTAWA, ON, June 2, 2014 — Larus Technologies Corporation, an innovator of next-generation predictive analytics decision support solutions for developers of mission-critical defense and security systems, announces a teaming agreement with GreenLine Systems, an A-T Solutions company that provides its Canadian Federal customers with the capability to improve decision-making in support of enforcement and facilitation mandates. Customers will be able to leverage a solution that closely aligns with Larus’ Total::Insight, a predictive analytics decision support system that allows Defense System Integrators to deliver optimal situational awareness to the decision makers tasked with protecting lives and critical assets in operational theaters and GreenLine’s Vessel Selection System (VSS), a comprehensive decision-support platform that provides a clearer understanding of the maritime domain’s actors, assets and actions.

Currently, operators and analysts have been overwhelmed by the tide of incoming data, including sensor outputs, databases, reports and other sources of information. This situation has led to operator/analyst fatigue, overload, stress and inattention which, in turn, have led to human errors. This level of performance is not sustainable over time and on a global scale. In order to accurately and effectively monitor a maritime area, the vast depth and breadth of incoming data must be interpreted and managed. Larus’ and GreenLine’s market leadership in Maritime Domain Awareness provides a continuous understanding of the environment unconstrained by data parameters or geographical boundaries.

“Our technology is a quantitative dynamic and adaptive learning engine that perfectly complements such systems. The combined offering will reduce the analysis burden on the human operator by providing an improved automated and dynamic awareness of the maritime domain,” said George DiNardo, President of Larus Technologies.

“We are excited about teaming with Larus Technologies,” said Scott Suhy, President of GreenLineSystems. “The adaptive behavioral learning algorithms and predictive modeling capabilities from Larus make them a great partner for GreenLine.”

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About Larus Technologies
Larus Technologies Corporation is an innovator of next-generation predictive analytics decision support systems for developers of mission-critical defense and security solutions. With a solid foundation pioneering high level information fusion for the ever-changing defense and security industries, Larus is perfectly positioned to help Defense Contractors and System Integrators make a world of difference. Our technology not only delivers information and knowledge, its adaptive learning algorithms deliver more accurate and more predictive information—faster. With our technology embedded within your solutions, your customers will make better decisions and more precise interventions.

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About GreenLine Systems
GreenLine Systems, now part of A-T Solutions provides its customers with the capability to improve decision-making in support of enforcement and facilitation mandates. GreenLine provides applications that assess the risk of people, cargo, and conveyances and provides technical consultants to customers including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canadian Department of National Defense, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, Barbados Customs and Excise Department, and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.
Our solutions help customs analysts and decision-makers address risks to safety, security, health and revenue. Today, our solutions are operational in the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean supporting defense, anti-smuggling, and regulatory enforcement missions. Through the acquisition of GreenLine Systems, A-T Solutions further extends its counterterrorism capabilities into international markets and the critical areas of transportation security and border protection.

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About A-T Solutions
A-T Solutions Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in counter-terrorism offering a full spectrum of capabilities in the areas of intelligence, technology, training and operations to combat the ever-changing threat around the world. Relentless in the fight against terrorism, A-T Solutions subject matter experts know the realities of terrorism and provide the most current, relevant knowledge required to defeat this threat and design dynamic, adaptable solutions to meet customer requirements and resources.

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Gail DiCintio
Vice President of Operations
Larus Technologies Corporation
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