Larus Technologies Awarded 2015 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Outstanding Organization

OTTAWA, ON, September 17, 2014 – Larus Technologies is pleased to announce it has been awarded the 2015 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Outstanding Organization. This award recognizes an outstanding organization that contributed to the advancement of theory, technologies, and/or applications of computational intelligence through inventions, new technology, innovative technical developments, new product implementation, or the management of innovative product design or production processes. Previous recipients of this award can be found here.

Larus is a wholly owned Canadian research and product company, incorporated in August 1995, specializing in predictive analytics and decision support software products. Larus is Ottawa-based with three core business areas, Data Fusion and Analytics Solutions, including the patented Total::Insight™ Decision Support System, Software Engineering Consulting, primarily in the public security and defense sector, and Research and Engineering, focusing on innovations in computational intelligence. Larus Technologies is known for its expertise in developing solutions and advanced systems for multi-sensor data collection, aggregation, display, exploitation and fusion.

Larus was selected for this prestigious award “for advancing the field of computational intelligence as applied to defense and security applications” by the CIS Awards Committee and approved by the CIS Administrative Committee (AdCom) at its meeting in July 2014. “It is such an honour to be recognized by the IEEE and to be selected along with such illustrious past recipients,” said George DiNardo, President of Larus Technologies. “At Larus, we pride ourselves on our culture and the innovative and thought leading members of our organization. We also value the commitment that our employees have shown towards volunteering and participating in IEEE CIS activities, conferences and committees.” Applications included descriptions of the organization’s history, activities, and achievements, in which the achievements in computational intelligence are clearly outlined, the outcomes that constitute tangible items usable by the scientific and professional communities and reference letters by individuals, including scientists, professional engineers, or government officers.

About Larus Technologies
Larus Technologies Corporation is a leading computational intelligence research and product company specializing in predictive analytics and decision support for critical systems in defence, security, and health. Our technology delivers more predictive and accurate knowledge. With our integrated technology your customers make better decisions – faster. More information about the company is available by visiting

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