UAVWith its unique ability to detect friendly and enemy movers across any area of interest, Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) has transformed Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities for defense forces worldwide.

Larus Technologies, an official AGI Business Partner, is proud to provide an easily configurable GMTI STANAG 4607 plugin for use in STK scenarios.

GMTI Plugin screenshot
Product Specifications – Technology

  • Supports STK 10
  • Configurable platform ID, mission ID and job number
  • Configurable security markings
  • Output validated for compliance with STANAG 4607
  • Supported sensor platforms: air, ground, space
  • Includes fully configurable UDP transmitter
  • Supports broadcast, multicast and unicast transmissions
  • Supports Editions 2 and 3 of STANAG 4607


“AGI is excited to partner with Larus Technologies to bring its GMTI plugin to STK users through AGI’s Marketplace. Larus’ GMTI plugin will build on STK’s powerful mission modeling and evaluation capabilities and allow users to simulate their ISR exploitation systems using NATO compliant STANAG 4607 formatted data, without any code changes at all.”

Kevin Flood
Vice President of Engineering, AGI

View a video demonstration of the plugin:

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