CameraRecent history has shown that peaceful nations worldwide face ever increasing levels of unpredictable and very dangerous threats to both its citizens and its critical assets. These local and national threats often come from very well organized entities whose behaviours and tactics are constantly changing and extremely difficult to predict.

Maritime surveillance, port security, territorial security, critical infrastructure security and border security are just a few examples of mission-critical applications where security systems help keep citizens, assets and exclusive economic zones safe from unforeseen threats.

Defense Contractors are challenged with designing next-generation security systems for a wide variety of land, sea and air applications. In order to mitigate risk and stay ahead of unforeseen events, these modern security systems must be able to process the seemingly endless amounts of multi-sensor and multi-source data and quickly deliver the most accurate information possible in order to optimize situational awareness (SA) as well as the common operating picture (COP) for the decision makers.

Larus Total::Insight™ is a predictive analytics decision support System (DSS) which can be licensed by Defense Contractors and System Integrators in order to help them integrate higher JDL level capabilities into their systems to take those next steps and be able to transform data into information and information into knowledge for decision makers.

Our customers can also take advantage of our highly skilled team of researchers and engineers through our professional services. Working together with your engineers, our services team is available at any stage of your product development cycle in order to help you complete your security systems in the most cost effective and timely manner possible.

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