NATO OTANThroughout the world, sovereign nations face a multitude of unpredictable threats which could materialize from the air, land and sea. Within all these domains unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), fast moving strike aircraft, attack helicopters, missiles, naval vessels and armoured ground vehicles represent a subset of the potential threats which must be constantly and diligently tracked.

In order to protect lives and critical assets, C4ISR systems must be able to effectively gather and analyze all of the relevant data and deliver the most accurate and timely information possible to decision makers. The development of next-generation intelligence gathering systems which can deal with the volume, variety and velocity of multi-sensor, multi-source data and still continually produce crystal clear situational awareness (SA) and a common operating picture (COP) is critical to military commanders deployed in operational theatres.

For the Defense Contractors tasked with developing these complex C4ISR systems, cost control, time-to-market and delivering technically superior solutions are critical attributes that guide their technology acquisition strategies. Backed by more than 10 years of research and development, Larus Total::Insightâ„¢ is a predictive analytics decision support system (DSS) which can be licensed by Defense Contractors and System Integrators. Combined with our professional services, our customers can take advantage of our highly skilled team of researchers and engineers at any stage of their product development cycle to get their C4ISR systems to market on time and on budget.

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