Larus Technologies Awarded DND Contract

Larus to deliver automated cueing and tasking for a more efficient and timely generation of actionable intelligence in support of the Canadian Armed Forces

Larus Technologies has been awarded a 2-year R & D project entitled “Sensor Tasking and Data Collection Management using High Level Information Fusion for Improved System of Systems Operation”, as part of the Department of National Defence’s Defence Innovation Research Program (DIRP). The total project value is over $900,000, of which the Government of Canada and Larus will each fund 50 per cent of the project costs. This Innovation Project addresses an important strategic objective, namely Developing cueing role and automated tasking.

In our modern world with numerous threats of all kinds, the observation and surveillance of the maritime environment is mandatory. This surveillance is achieved through various observation sensors and other data and information sources (often referred to as intelligence collection assets), used to collect intelligence on all sorts of legitimate and/or illicit maritime activities. On one hand, such sensors and sources can be utilized in isolation, individually. On the other hand, it can be more efficient and optimal if information already collected by one sensor could be used to help other sensors maximize their collection performance (this process is typically referred to as tipping and cueing). Moreover, the observation performance can also be further improved when some of the collection sensors and sources can be tasked to observe some specific area of particular interest.

In this context, the objectives of this innovation project are to apply Computational Intelligence (CI) and High-Level Information Fusion (HLIF) techniques to improve the performance of tipping and cueing of observation and collection assets in a maritime surveillance application. This project would help reduce the workload of surveillance personnel currently tasked to review, analyze and recommend course of action based on this multitude of data by offloading to a computer system a number of steps required in the process leading to decision-making.

Larus Technologies’ solution will shorten the data and information collection and processing process by providing automated cueing and tasking of sensors and collection assets for a more efficient and timely generation of actionable intelligence (i.e. data and information of sufficient quality to enable action by the authorities). By improving collection planning and management, an overall enhancement in situational awareness of territorial, air and maritime approaches as well as international areas of interest will be achieved.

“Larus Technologies is pleased to continue to work with DRDC/DIRP on improving Canada’s maritime surveillance capabilities,” said Dr. Rami Abielmona, VP of Research and Engineering at Larus. “Our R&D efforts over the years have focused on providing leading innovations in multi–sensor surveillance and security applications, providing our clients with actionable intelligence to make the best mission critical decisions.”

The outcomes of this project will also significantly reduce the cost of maritime surveillance mission management, will increase the efficiency of human operators, and will effectively disseminate information to the proper authorities and downstream systems.

“This project is very much in line with Canada’s Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged – as it will ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces are well supported,” said Dr. Marc Fortin, Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology), Department of National Defence. “This project is a good example how partnerships can help evolve defence and security need while generating economic benefits for Canada.”

About Larus
Larus Technologies Corporation is a recognized leader in Computational Intelligence and predictive analytics recognized, in 2017, by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency as a Top 10 Innovator. Larus is comprised of three core business areas, Data Fusion and Predictive Analytics Solutions, including the patented Total::Insight™ Decision Support System and the Total::Perception Systems Simulation Engine, Software Engineering Consulting, primarily in the area of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) for public security and defense, and Research and Engineering, focusing on innovations in Computational Intelligence (CI), Internet of Things (IoT) as applied to the maritime supply chain as well as advanced decision support systems requiring multi-sensor data aggregation, exploitation and fusion.

Total::Insight™ is a patented Big Data integration platform, chosen by the Royal Canadian Navy to enhance its maritime capability, analyzing vast amounts of data from disparate sources using machine learning to generate actionable intelligence for maritime defense and security applications. Total::Perception Systems Simulation Engine shortens the Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination (TCPED) cycle by providing automatic cueing and tasking of sensors and assets for a more efficient and timely generation of actionable intelligence. By providing operators complete situational knowledge and understanding, Larus enables better decisions and more precise actions.

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