Larus Technologies awarded a Scale AI project to further its AI/ML Solution
for Trade Promotion Optimization in support of the CPG Ecosystem

Ottawa, ON – Larus Technologies, announced that, along with its partners
Unilever Canada and Federated Co-operatives Limited, its solution to further develop and enhance its AI-driven technology for trade promotion optimization was selected for investment through the Scale AI AI Global Innovation Cluster.

The project, led by renowned Artificial Intelligence (AI) product and service provider Larus Technologies,
aims to integrate Machine Learning insights to analyze and predict market trends based on buyer
behaviour, territory, and competitive attitudes. The project is enabled by Unilever, a leading worldwide
supplier, looking to create promotional spend efficiency. The joint business planning process is being
done in conjunction with Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), who is providing the business expertise
from a retailer standpoint.

“Unilever Canada is committed to continue to invest in building and scaling AI/ML innovation across the
business,” said Gary Bogdani, Head of Data & Analytics at Unilever Canada. “These types of AI/ML
solutions, built and developed by Unilever Canada’s D&A team in collaboration with Larus Technologies,
continue to unlock business value as Unilever pivots to address the industry’s growing challenges through
novel digital transformation initiatives.”

“Our AI/ML solution will allow end users to directly affect the ability of the supplier to provide the right
product at the right time creating a positive effect along the supply chain,” said Dr. Rami Abielmona, VP
Research & Engineering at Larus Technologies. “We are aiming to increase the effectiveness of
promotion investments, better understand consumer buying behaviours and increase competitive growth
for the consortium and the broader CPG ecosystem. This Scale AI investment will help to commercialize
a SaaS service targeting consumer suppliers, in-person retail and online retailers who will all greatly
benefit from strategic planning of promotional events in the short and long term.”

More information regarding the project can be found here.

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