Welcome to the Larus Technologies blog

Welcome to our new website and inaugural blog post.

Those of us who work at Larus Technologies are researchers and innovators. We are software engineers. We are Ph.D.s. We are technically savvy. We are the experts in high level information fusion (HLIF).

If you are interested in HLIF, this blog is for you.

We are into big data. We are into predictive learning algorithms. We are into helping developers of mission-critical C4ISR systems and Security systems deliver unprecedented levels of information accuracy today—not five years into the future—to their end customers whose shoulders it falls to make better decisions and more precise interventions.

If you are into developing C4ISR and security systems, this blog is for you.

Naturally curious, we’ll not only blog about what we’re doing, we’ll blog about what we’re learning. One of us might blog about a conference that we are going to attend. Another might blog about a trade show we attended. Another might blog about an article s/he read.

If you’re curious and enjoy a variety of voices from within a company, this blog is for you.

As much as we like to share our insights, we also have work to do. Our aim is publish a blog article once a month. There may be months we’re inspired to publish two.

If you’re into quality over quantity, this blog is for you.

Welcome and we look forward to welcoming you back.

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