Why Larus?

Through our culture of innovation and research, Larus Technologies has developed the next generation of embedded technology for developers of mission-critical C4ISR systems and Security systems.

With a solid foundation pioneering high level information fusion for the ever-changing defense and security industries, Larus is perfectly positioned to help Defense Contractors  and System Integrators make a world of difference. Working from the higher levels of the US Department of Defense’s Joint Director of Laboratories (JDL) information fusion model, our technology not only delivers more knowledge, its adaptive learning algorithms deliver more accurate and more predictive information—faster.

With Larus’ licensable, high level information fusion modules under the hood, Defense Contractors and System Integrators are able to provide C4ISR and Security customers worldwide with next-generation systems that enable them to make better and more precise decisions.

Revolutionizing situational awareness

Holding engineering expertise in multi-sensor, multi-source information fusion and adaptive learning algorithms, and unencumbered by the constraints of traditional low level data fusion solutions, Larus set out to revolutionize information accuracy and optimize situational awareness (SA) in the face of Big Data for C4ISR and Security systems. The result is a COTS embedded decision support system (DSS) for 21st century defense and security mission-critical decision making.

Advantages to developers of C4ISR Systems and Security Systems

Today’s Defense Contractors are pressed by their customers to deliver unprecedented levels of information accuracy. As the volume, velocity and variety of data continues to soar, defence contractors need a solution today—not five years into the future. For this reason, Larus’ commercially available embedded technology gives defence contractors the solution they need today that delivers more accurate and timely actionable intelligence—faster—to their end customers while reaping the following advantages throughout their C4ISR and Security systems development cycles.

  • Competitive advantage
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Minimized risk

Expertise in custom engineering C4ISR Systems and Security Systems

For Defense Contractors requiring specific customizations or simply additional resources to help them complete their projects, Larus provides professional services. Larus’ researchers and engineers will work hand in hand with you to ensure that our embedded technology is optimized for your specific system requirements.

Proven track record in the higher level JDL information fusion model

Strongly rooted in helping academia, our success is in the work done by our leadership team; in white papers, articles and publications on high level information fusion by our talented software engineers, and in the recognition the team has garnered over the years.

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