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January 16, 2015
Larus Technologies announces global training agreement with ImStrat Corporation
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November 19, 2014
Larus Technologies Awarded LOOKNorth Contract to Service the National Space Centre in Ireland and the Irish Coast Guard
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November 18, 2014
Rafael Falcon receives Mitacs & NRC-IRAP Award for Commercialization
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September 17, 2014
Larus Technologies Awarded 2015 IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Outstanding Organization
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June 2, 2014 Larus Technologies announces teaming agreement with GreenLine Systems

May 13, 2014
Larus was awarded a 2-year R&D Mitacs Accelerate Cluster to develop “Risk-Aware Decision Support Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Territorial Security” in partnership with the University of Ottawa.
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September 1, 2013
Dr. Rami Abielmona, VP Research and Engineering of Larus Technologies discusses using high-level information fusion to tackle big data in maritime domain awareness.
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June 1, 2013
University of Ottawa student working on a Larus Technologies NSERC Engage project wins award for master’s thesis on Artificial Intelligence.
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May 27, 2013
Larus Technologies “Mission-Critical Infrastructure Monitoring” project selected as one of three new Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) research projects.
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May 22, 2013
Larus Technologies announces availability of Larus Total::Insight™ high level information fusion engine (HLIFE)
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May 7, 2013
Larus kicks off a new plugin for STK 10 and a new video on YouTube.
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April 10, 2013
From poster competition to dream job. Dr. Rafael Falcon kickstarts his engineering career by making connections at a university competition.
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March 20, 2013
In Chris A. Ciufo’s Blog, on All Things Embedded, he says, “… I’m unaware of anyone yet offering a COTS product that combines hard and soft data–rather, information–sources to take advantage of Internet-based intelligence. I’ll be watching Larus Technologies; you should too.” Read the complete blog post, Getting a bead on the bad guys: COTS-based soft information fusion merges military, C4ISR data with web and other sources. Chris A. Ciufo is Senior Editor of EECatalog for Extension Media.

March 19, 2013
Larus Technologies unveils next-generation high level information fusion engine (HLIFE) for developers of C4ISR and security systems.
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February 28, 2013
Larus Technologies and AGI formalize “Marketplace” partnership. Larus releases Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) plugin for AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK).
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December 20, 2012
Larus Technologies Awarded Two NSERC Engage Grants with the University of Ottawa
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December 19, 2012
Dr. Rafael Falcon labelled a success story by MITACS
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Dr. Rafael Falcon, Research Scientist at Larus Technologies, is labelled a Success Story for the work he undertook under the MITACS Accelerate program developing a Risk Management Framework (RMF) in Wireless Sensor and Robot Networks.The identification of the risk sources that prevail in a given deployment area is crucial to guarantee the uninterrupted and efficient operation of a Territorial Security solution. The RMF includes two clustering algorithms (evolving and online) that capture multiple risk features and provide visual depictions of the Territorial Security threats at any time. Other modules include risk assessment, risk visualization and risk monitoring. For more information on the RMF, please Contact Us.Read Making Security Systems Smarter

November 2012
Larus Technologies awarded C4ISR Support Contract with DRDC Ottawa

July 18, 2012
Larus Technologies Awarded DIRP Contract with Defence R&D Canada
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July 16, 2012
Dr. Rami Abielmona discusses the state of data fusion in Ottawa
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Dr. Rami Abielmona, VP Research and Engineering of Larus Technologies, discusses the state of data fusion solutions in our capital in an Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) article that highlights the need to refine information from multiple sources in order to provide a clearer operational picture.Read Defence and Security: Fusing Together a New Defence Sector

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May 5, 2011
Dr. Rami Abielmona – 2011 Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
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March/April 2011 (Article about Larus Technologies)
An Overwhelming Sense of Security, Thinking Highways Magazine North American Edition, Volume 6, Issue 1.
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The Thinking Highways Magazine (North American Edition) publishes an article, authored by Lee J. Nelson, in its latest issue entitled “An overwhelming sense of security.” The article discusses resolving territorial security problems through the use of sensor networking and data fusion while focusing on leading-edge efforts to surmount real-time challenges. Larus Total::Insight™ for Territorial Security is described in the article, along with other state-of-the-art products, as solutions that proffer flexibility in data acquisition and deployment while promising to ease operator overload, ensure interoperability and promote a unique data-sharing paradigm.

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